General Terms and Conditions (User agreement)

Almansur Lda, Trav. Vale do Rio, nº 63, 2ºB, 2765-360 Estoril, Portugal – hereafter referred to as ALMANSUR Lda – developed, has all the rights and operates the browser based online game Almansur Battlegrounds, hereafter referred as Almansur.

All services offered in the context of the game are provided on the basis of these general terms and conditions.

User is any individual or entity that registers on the Almansur server and for which ALMANSUR Lda creates an User.


The terms and conditions are binding for all Users of the game Almansur including any of its variants and scenarios.

With his/her registration on ALMANSUR Lda server the User accepts these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions may be changed at any time by ALMANSUR Lda.

The changes will will come into effect 14 days after they have been published and the Users have been notified.


The service of ALMANSUR Lda consists of the webpages of the games. Users merely obtain the right to use the features offered on these webpages.

The features can change at any time. Users have no legal claim to any specific features.

ALMANSUR Lda will try to ensure the continuous accessibility of the web servers on which the game is run, but cannot guarantee this.

Some functionalities may not work as expected, or not work at all.

ALMANSUR Lda will try to improve the game and correct any bugs detected, and is counting on the Users feedback.

ALMANSUR Lda cannot be held responsible for the breakdown of servers, for errors in the programming of the game or damage of any other sort.

Particularly, ALMANSUR Lda cannot be held responsible for the reposition of any state after an error has occurred.

ALMANSUR Lda has no responsibility to provide any game play or service offered as part of this agreement and shall in no manner be held liable for lost time, service unavailability, discontinuation of service, mental, physical or emotional stress, fatigue or other ailments.


Membership commences with the successful registration on ALMANSUR Lda server, and the creation of the user Account.

No User has a legal claim to membership. ALMANSUR Lda reserves the right to delete, block or modify an User.

This is true particularly in the case of a violation of these Terms & Conditions or any improper activity on part of the User.

Participation in tournaments is subject to the special conditions and rules of the tournaments.


The basic version of the standard games provided by ALMANSUR Lda are free of charge.

ALMANSUR Lda may offer to the User the possibility to get access to features which are not available in the basic version or acess to spacial games upon payment of a fee.

Participation in tournaments is subject to payment of the corresponding entry fees.

Obligations of the User

Each User is allowed only one User in each server. Violation of this rule can lead to immediate blocking or erasure of the User.

It is, however, permitted to play any number of different games, and to play multiple lands in games allowing multiplay.

The User is responsible to keep his password safe and change it on a regular basis for security reasons.

With its webpages ALMANSUR Lda only offers a platform for exchange between the players.

ALMANSUR Lda cannot be held responsible for the content of the communication among the players.

Users are required to keep their communication free of racist, pornographic or otherwise offensive or illegal content.

Non-compliance can lead to the immediate blocking or erasure of the User’s User.

ALMANSUR Lda is not responsible for the content of external websites, which are accessible via links in the game or in the forum.

ALMANSUR Lda cannot be held liable for the content of these websites.

Users are only allowed to access the game via a standard web browser.

Any other form of access to the game via additional programs, scripts or other utilities is explicitly prohibited.

Any actions that may lead to an overly high strain of the server and thus obstruct the course of the game are prohibited.

Non-compliance can lead to the immediate blocking or erasure of the User’s Account.

The Games

The objective of the games is solely to entertain.

In each game, the Users should play fair. Using one Account to unfairly give advantages to another by transfering resources or other assets, or using several accounts controlled by the same user to attack another user it is specially prohibited.

Privacy Policy

ALMANSUR Lda hates spammers and will not sell, lend or otherwise make User data available to third parties, with the exception of

  • ALMANSUR Lda reserves the right to hand User data to an outside service provider needed for the processing of payments.
  • ALMANSUR uses googleanalytics to help monitor and improve User experience.

ALMANSUR Lda reserves the right to save data of its Users for the purpose of monitoring the compliance with the rules of the game, these terms and conditions, and applicable law.

ALMANSUR Lda saves the data provided at the time of registration, the IPs of the visits to the website as well as information given in the forum.

ALMANSUR Lda reserves the right to inform Users about new ALMANSUR Lda products via email. The User can change this at any time by opting out in the preferences section of its account.

Intellectual Property

All graphics and icons used as a part of Almansur are trademarks and copyrights owned by ALMANSUR Lda.

All texts provided in our webpages, excepting select public domain historical excerps or quotations, User mails and forums posts are copyright ALMANSUR Lda. All rights reserved.

Users agree not to use any aspect of the services offered to violate the intellectual property rights of any other User or 3rd party.

Use of this service in no way grants the User any title or grant of use of any intellectual property owned by ALMANSUR Lda.

No transfer or resale of service

Under no circumstance may the User transfer any part of its User, User name, pass word or other User features to any 3rd party.

Nor may any User transfer their rights or responsibilities covered by this agreement.

The User agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion of Almansur, use of Almansur, or access to Almansur.

Final rules and regulations

The law of the Portuguese Republic applies for all contracts on the basis of these general terms and conditions.

Jurisdiction for all legal claims, if legally permissible, will be the seat of ALMANSUR Lda.

Any change, extension or elimination of this contract need to be put forward in writing.

Should parts of these terms and conditions not comply with the law of the of the Portuguese Republic this will not effect the other regulations of these general terms and conditions.