One man is much the same as another. He is best, is he who is trained in the severest school.

Thucydides (IV Century BC)

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What is Almansur Battlegrounds?

Almansur Battlegrounds is the second version of first ever Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) created by a Portuguese company, Almansur, Lda.
It is not a RPG 3D like World of Warcraft. It is a turn-based strategy online game played in the Internet browser. Unlike other Massively Multiplayer Online Games, Almansur is not time-consuming and rewards the player's ability for strategic thinking.
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How do I play Almansur Battlegrounds?

Almansur is played in scenarios that may contain from two to thousands of players. The game may be set in a historical or a fantasy scenario with Elfs, Dwarves or Orcs. The secrets to success are multiple: conquering a percentage of the map, meeting economic and population goals, winning victory points at the end of a specific number of turns, etc.

How do I start playing Almansur Battlegrounds?

To start playing the game you have to sign-up and then login at You will then be invited to make the tutorial game, so that you will learn easily the basics of Almansur. Then you can choose an available Scenario of your liking, and start playing in the world of Almansur.

What kind of resources does the game have?

There are multiple resources in Almansur Battlegrounds, from gold to iron and stone, horses, wood and food. They are used to build facilities tat improve your economic and military capabilities, and to recruit and maintan armies.

What are the major innovations of Almansur Battlegrounds?

The major feature of Almansur Battlegrounds is the Map. Unlike other online games, where the land is abstract, here the land is very close to being real. There are mountains, forests, oceans and cities, poor and rich territories with few or lots of population. Therefore, the game becomes very real and strategic thinking assumes a vital role: there are no invincible armies and the combination of difficult terrain and low status may turn a large army into a vulnerable prey.
There are multiple kinds of armies for different races (or cultures, in historical scenarios). The armies have different characteristics: for example, the Elf archers are better that the human ones, which are better than the Orcs who have better protection. The armies have a level of experience that improves with training and battles. They also have a status level that decreases with movements and combats. At certain moments, it's better to rest, because a tired army is weaker in combat. Combats are enriched with armies and races with different characteristics that play as an advantage in certain types of fields and as a disadvantage in others. For example, the archers, when trained, can be deadly in open field, but in the forest are practically useless.
Fortifications may be attacked or surrounded.