“Strategy is the art of making use of time and space. I am less concerned about the latter than the former. Space we can recover lost time never.”

Napoleon Bonaparte

We are strategy game players

Frustrated that we could not find any game on the web which would allow for deep strategy thinking we decided to do it ourselves.

We are dedicated to creating the best in turn-based online strategy games.

  • Games that reward inteligence over time spent in front of the computer.
  • Games where real world military intuition works.
  • Epic games.


Idea and Initial Design
Pedro Santos
Further Game Design
Pedro Santos
Marco Quinta
Web Design
Valter Fatia [PDM&FC]
Bruno Monteiro
Game Development
Luis Landeiro [PDM&FC]
Rui Martins [PDM&FC]
Carlos Marques [PDM&FC]
Nuno Prata [PDM&FC]
Flash Development
João Pargana
Valter Fatia [PDM&FC]
Marco Vale
David Sequeira
Historical Consultant
Nuno Gonzalez
Infrastructure and services

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